College Corps

College Corps is a program designed for Junior High School students who may have a desire to attend college. 

For students that may not have a desire, we encourage college attendance. Although, students that fall in this age range have a true desire to attend college during these years students become subject to a number of deterrents.  These deterrents come in a range of activities such as peer pressure, lack of guidance counseling, insecurities etc. By reaching the youth before entering high school we are able to work with the school guidance counselors and students to ensure the student is taking college track courses. 

There are many variables that may limit the student’s options on what school they can attend and what scholarships they may be eligible for. We look to remove as many variables as possible such as minimum ACT and LSAT scores, GPA etc. We understand that many high school seniors regret their low scores and GPA because these variables may limit the schools they may attend as well as scholarships. This is why we look to curtail the behavior that leads to low test scores and GPA before it starts.

In addition, our program will offer a variety of services to the student which includes but not limited to:

 Mentoring

 Tutoring

 Study Skills

 Personal and academic goal setting

 College Prep

 Financial Aid and college scholarship resources

 Career Exploration

College Corps believes that raising awareness of the importance of college is only the first step in a child’s life. We challenge ourselves to take it a step further and lay out a concise curriculum to the student to show step by step what needs to be done to reach this goal. Not only do we provide the steps but we walk through the process with our youth on a daily basis. We make sure that we are there to pick the students up if they fall of track.