College and Beyond

As students began to complete their junior year of high school going into their final year of high school, college becomes very real to them.

At this point the adolescent has an idea of which schools they would like to attend and possibly a major.  Each school has its own set of requirements and application process. This can be overwhelming for students and parents alike.  Here at the National Committee on Youth we look to bridge the gap between the students, parents and colleges. 

We help with the following:

 College application help

 Financial aid and scholarship search

 Career exploration

 Study skills

 Time management

 Placement testing

 Class scheduling


We help to make the transition from high to college a smooth one. We also mentor and keep track of our graduates and remain an available resource to ensure the students success in college to result in graduation and securing employment. Many programs try to help students to get in enrolled in college. However,  a large percent of students face the “crash and burn” syndrome when first attending college. We keep our student abreast of realistic expectations.